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Arlon PCB Manufacturer

Arlon EMD is a manufacturer of specialty high-performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in printed circuit board applications across demanding and diverse markets. This includes avionics, industrial applications, semiconductors, medical industry, etc. Unitepcb, with its broad manufacturing capabilities, can offer the most competitive price for high-quality Arlon PCB.

Please note that Rogers acquired Arlon circuit materials and engineered silicones in 2015 and, as such, not all materials will be available as Rogers alternatives might apply.

What is Arlon PCB?

This is a printed circuit board constructed utilizing specialty high-performance prepreg and laminate materials.

Arlon PCB needs laminates having specialized mechanical, thermal, electrical, or additional performance features which surpass the ones for ordinary FR-4 PCB materials.

It specifically employ thermoset resin system comprising of high Tg multipurpose low loss, epoxy or polyimide, and low loss prepreg and laminate complex.

The resin structure comes on different substrates constituting non-woven aramid and knitted glass.

Arlon PCB Materials

Arlon specializes in the following materials:

● Polyimide products
● Low flow products
● Epoxy products
● High Tg multifunctional epoxy
● Controlled thermal expansion
● Low loss thermoset laminate and prepreg systems
● Surface-mount technology

These applications typically require laminates with specialized electrical, thermal, mechanical, or other performance characteristic that exceed those of traditional standard FR-4 materials.

These resin systems are available on a variety of substrates, including woven glass and non-woven aramid.

Types of Arlon PCB

Arlon Multilayer PCB

1. Arlon Multilayer PCB

The Arlon multilayer PCB has 0.2-6.0mm board thickness. This type of Arlon PCBs can be applied in mobile communications and other electronic products.

2. Arlon 33n PCB

The surface finishing of the Arlon 33n is 0.15mm. They are famous for power amplifiers, sensor transmitters, and other applications.

3. Flexible Arlon PCB

The flexible Arlon PCB is available in 1 to 50 layers. This Arlon PCB is very flexible, making them a popular PCB in different electronic industries.

4. High Voltage Arlon PCB

The high voltage Arlon PCB has 17um~525um external CU thickness. This PCB has high performance, and they are available in different colors of solder masks.

5. Arlon High Frequency PCB

This PCB can be ASL and immersion silver surface finishing. This Arlon high-frequency PCB is suitable for radio systems, satellite systems, passive components, and other fields.

6. Arlon Taconic PCB

The Arlon Taconic PCB comes in different boards shaped like rectangular, round, and more. This kind of PCB is available in 1 up to 64 layers.

The Features Of Arlon PCB

Arlon PCBs have a variety of properties that are common, and some of its features are as follows:


Polyimide is a polymer of Arlon circuit boards. Polyimide consists of monomers from the high-performance plastics category, which makes PCBs resistant to high temperatures.

High Glass Transition Temperature

Whether the material is Arlon fabric, Arlon laminate, or other IC material.

Low Loss Dielectric Thermoset

All types of Arlon PCBs have low loss thermosets, which allows the PCB to operate in high RF environments without rapid temperature rise. All Arlon materials, including silicone, polyimide, and PTFE, have low loss thermosets.

PCB-Making Expertise

Arlon PCB-Making

Our clientele are happy with these cutting-edge Arlon devices. It’s because we ensure power distribution and effective current load. In addition:

● For mounting ICs and microcontrollers, you can utilize SMD and PTH.
● Create your PCB 1 up to 40 layers.
● Copper thickness can be ranging 0.15 mm to 6 mm.
● We can produce Arlon PCB that is transparent and lightweight.

If you want to request an Arlon PCB and have detailed specifications in mind, we at Unitepcb are much willing to help you.

Unitepcb have an expert layout engineer to help you match your schematic files and design drawings. Additionally, we are committed to enhancing prototyping by the production process to deliver and quote.

Quality Assured PCB Raw Materials

We make sure our raw materials pass global regulations—we know this is important for our customers. Unitepcb guarantees the highest standards for your lighting, industrial control, and aerospace PCB requirements.

Additionally, we produce large orders for printed circuit boards. Panel sizes and PCB stack-up layers are available in a range to meet your demands. The best grade PTFE, ceramic, and copper cladding raw materials are all used. They are all safe and effective.

Your Leading Arlon PCB Supplier in China

As a reliable Arlon PCB manufacturer in China, we render our clients very great products at the most affordable pricing. Unitepcb will try our best to fabricate your PCBs with Arlon material with the highest quality to meet your demands and committed to adhering to the strictest standards in PCB fabrication and assembly. If ever you need a reliable supplier for your Arlon PCB needs, then Unitepcb is the perfect option for you.